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E-Fillet crochet 1

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Fillet crochet is an imitation of fillet and guipure embroidery (fillet lace), which is performed on a specially woven mesh.

The mesh in fillet crochet is created by alternating columns and air loops, the pattern on the net is performed with filled columns with crochet cells.

Thanks to a small number of techniques, novice craftswomen can also learn fillet crochet. The main thing here is attention and the ability to count.

Despite the simplicity of execution, fillet lace is very beautiful and effective. They make not only amazing tablecloths and napkins, but also clothes knitted with fillet lace, worthy of the attention of the most demanding fashionistas.

Our specials have everything about this type of crochet - from lessons on crochet a simple mesh to modeling.

 • A huge number of schemes.

• Master classes on tying "difficult" places: bevels, armholes, necks, darts, etc. • Examples of the use of fillet lace in clothing and decor items.

 In addition to the crochet school, our magazines have a description of the products by which you can simply repeat the proposed model or, on its basis, crochet something of your own, unique, so to speak, exclusive.